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United Designs Alliance

Idea Design 2023

Call for Entries UDA Annual Int’l Design Competition 2023 Submit before Monday, October 23Award Announcement on Monday, November 27 Designers are also Makers. You can explore materials and processes to find an appropriate solution for… Read More »Idea Design 2023

2023 AIRE

AIRE (Applied Integrated Research) is a World Conference to make aware that design is a purposeful creative expression of humanity and an applied form of utilization and distinction through extensive design-centered multidiscipline studies. World Conference… Read More »2023 AIRE

SSL 2023 Awards

Award Announcement Signs, Systems, and Letterform Marks (SSL) UDA Annual Int’l Design Competition 2023 Signs communicate ideas through visual elements. Systems integrate many ideas into one family. Letterform Marks combine types to present a specific… Read More »SSL 2023 Awards