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United Designs Alliance.

Firmitas. Utilitas. Venustas.

UDA Competitions.

UDA organizes these outstanding international design competitions every year. Professionals and students enter to challenge their creativity on the global level. We can acknowledge the trend and style.

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UDA Webinars.

UDA Webinars include different designs and related topics to share knowledge and experience. The presenter can choose their audience, focusing on regional, national, continental, or global level.


UDA Medallions.

UDA honors the leaders and movers of our profession as UDA Medallions. Every year, we invite significant figures in design to preserve their works as permanent collections of the UDA Archives.


UDA members

Welcome new friends.

Our members are Directors and Executive Directors. We honor our loyalty to our UDA friends and concentrate on developing better design practices and education together. UDA and members welcome our new friends to shape our profession.


Biannual int’l design research journal

Design Behaviors.

The Design Behaviors journal aims to standardize research methodology and terminology related to the Communication Design discipline.


UDA SYmposium and seminar

Design-related knowledge.

UDA conducts AIRE (Applied Integrated Research) seminars that emphasize graduate-level research globally with two or more universities; GVC (Global Visual Culture) symposiums share visuals as the similarity and differentiate the dissimilarity; DeFuture (Design Education for the Future) symposiums share considerations and experiences in innovative and up-to-date teaching methods.

  • 2022 AIRE
    UDA conducts AIRE (Applied Integrated Research) seminars to make aware that design is a purposeful creative expression of humanity and an applied form of utilization and distinction through extensive design-centered multidiscipline studies. Rhetoric is a creative… Read More »2022 AIRE
  • 6th GVC 2021
    Global Visual Culture 6th International Design Symposium October 13, 2021 at 23:00 Zoom Meeting Introduction “The visuals distinguish culture from the cultures.”Albert Young Choi, C 2009 We are connected as human beings in many different ways,… Read More »6th GVC 2021
  • 1st DeFuture 2017
    Design Education for the Future 6th International Design Symposium September 27-28, 2017 at 09:00-17:00 Shanghai City XuhuiDistrict Weding Road No. 258 D1-1Shanghai, China Introduction “The visuals distinguish culture from the cultures” Albert Young ChoiPresident of United… Read More »1st DeFuture 2017


UDA Publication

Follow along the journey.

UDA publishes e-books annually. These publications display how UDA and Directors collaborate ideas into reality.

  • UDA Annual 2022
    Resiliency. The United Designs Alliance messages in the annual publication introductions over the last few years have reflected the international health and political conditions that have impacted our daily lives. As designers, students, and educators, we… Read More »UDA Annual 2022
  • UDA Annual 2021
    Revive. We have come a long way and still have a long way to go. 2021 brought the continuation of the struggle through the pandemic. We have all responded and adjusted as necessary and possible, as… Read More »UDA Annual 2021
  • 10th United Designs Biennial Online 2021
    An International Design Conference 2021.10.13 at 10:00pm KST Online & Zoom Meeting Online Zoom Meeting Welcome to the 10th United Designs 2021.For the first time, we hold this celebration virtually, with 69 designers from 15 nations. … Read More »10th United Designs Biennial Online 2021


UNited designs

Celebrate our creativity.

UDA organizes an international design conference every two years in a different country. We celebrate our existence as United Designers.