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SSL 2024 Awards

Award Announcement

Signs, Systems, and Letterform Marks (SSL)

UDA Annual Int’l Design Competition 2024

Signs communicate ideas through visual elements. Systems integrate many ideas into one family. Letterform Marks combine types to present a specific concept. A graphic designer manipulates and perfects the visual form to ensure a clear understanding.

These signs, systems, and letterform marks visually convey our behaviors, beliefs, and institutions. They warn us of danger, guide us through space, inform us of choices, and portray organizational attributes. While we vary religiously, politically, socially, and culturally, universal signs, systems, and letterform marks can unify humanity through communication. Design students and professionals continuously revise old ones and create new ones. They establish a language we can all understand.



Copyright: All matters regarding the copyright of the Entry will be the entrant’s responsibility. All designs will become the Collection of United Designs Alliance. The United Designs Alliance reserves the right to use all information provided by the entrants and publish, exhibit, or reproduce all designs entered for the competition.