Executive Directors

Aleksandra Shishkina

Executive Director Saint Petersburg, Russia https://aleksandrashi.tumblr.com/ My way is never easy but as I walk further, I see that everything that I did had a reason. I want to be known for my designs and… Read More »Aleksandra Shishkina

Daniela Marx

Executive Director New Orleans, USA http://www.desigNERDmarx.com Daniela Marx is a Full Professor of Graphic Design at Loyola University New Orleans.  She looks to Loyola’s Jesuit mission of social justice to shape Loyola’s design students. In the… Read More »Daniela Marx

Lisa Graham

Executive Director Dallas, Texas, USA http://www.coroflot.com/lisagraham Lisa M. Graham, MFA, is an award-winning visual communicator, artist, author, and a Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington. She has exhibited her digital art prints in… Read More »Lisa Graham

SooYun Im

Executive Director Los Angeles, USA http://sooyunin.info Sooyun Im is an Associate Professor at California State Polytechnic University Pomona. She teaches a wide range of graphic design courses including Web design, Motion graphics, Environmental Graphic Design,… Read More »SooYun Im

Sarah A. Meyer

Executive Director Orange, California, USA Sarah A. Meyer is Professor and Program Coordinator of Visual Communication Design at California State Polytechnic University Pomona (CPP). Sarah has acted at CPP as Chair of the Art Department… Read More »Sarah A. Meyer

Donald Tarallo

Executive Director Boston, USA http://www.tarallodesign.com Donald Tarallo (BA Studio Arts, Clark University; MFA Graphic Design, RISD; Postgraduate studies at Basel School of Art and Design, Switzerland) has taught at Clark University, RISD, the Fraunhofer Institute’s Digital… Read More »Donald Tarallo

Jorge Brandão Pereira

VP of Design Ethics Executive Director Portugal http://iamjorgepereira.wordpress.com UDA Vice President of Design Ethics (2020-present) Ph.D. University of Porto 2015, MA University of Porto 2007.Lecturer, School of Design, Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, Portugal.Researcher,… Read More »Jorge Brandão Pereira

Yusuf Kes

Executive Director Isparta, Turkey http://yusufkes.com Associate Prof. Yusuf Keş He was born in 1970, in Erdemli city (Turkiye). He studied Graphic Arts and graduated in the departments of Applied Art at the Gazi University in… Read More »Yusuf Kes

Juergen Hefele

VP of Design Practice Executive Director Augsburg, Germany http://www.juergenhefele.com UDA Vice President of Design Practice (2016-present) Jürgen Hefele works as a graphic designer specializing in visual communication and brand identity design. He also teaches at… Read More »Juergen Hefele

Zhiyong Zhao

VP of Design Research Executive Director Shanghai, China UDA Vice President of Design Research (2020-present)UDA Senior Vice President of Design Research (2016-2019) Zhiyong Zhao is an Associate Professor of Fine Arts College, Shanghai Normal University;… Read More »Zhiyong Zhao