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Executive Directors

Yao Xupeng

VP of Design Research Executive Director Jinan, China UDA Vice President of Design Research (2024-present) Yao Xupeng is an associate professor at the Institute of Brand and Communication, Shandong University. Member of China Arts… Read More »Yao Xupeng

Xin Kaibin

Executive Director Taiyuan, China KAIBIN XING is a Ph.D. student at Hanyang University, South Korea. Obtained a bachelor’s degree from Tianjin Polytechnic University, China, majoring in visual design. Obtained a master’s degree from Sangmyung University… Read More »Xin Kaibin

Lin Bixi

Executive Director Xiangyang, China BIXI LIN is a Ph.D. student at Hanyang University, South Korea. Obtained a bachelor’s degree from Xiangtan University, Hunan, China, majoring in Art Design. During her undergraduate study, she studied ceramic… Read More »Lin Bixi

Dou Xiang

Executive Director Lanzhou, China Lecturer, School of art and design, Lanzhou Institute of technology Doctoral student, Pukyong National UniversityDesign director, Joko cultural design studioIn addition to design teaching, I am also involved in the creation… Read More »Dou Xiang

Chun Wang

Executive Director Weihai, China I trained part-time art teachers in Primary School Affiliated with the Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication. I serve as a fourth-grade fine arts primary teacher. I mainly focus on low-grade theme… Read More »Chun Wang

Yanshu Wang

Executive Director Korea YANSHU WANG graduated from Wuhan Textile University with a major in advertising. During her university, she won several national visual design awards. In 2022, she received an MFA in communication design from… Read More »Yanshu Wang

Alan Colvin

Executive Director Minneapolis, USA Alan Colvin has worked within branding and design companies, on the client-side, as an independent consultant, and as a business owner. Working with some of the best creative talents in… Read More »Alan Colvin