Executive Directors

Patrycja Longawa

Executive Director Jedlicze, Poland https://www.facebook.com/patrycja.longawa Patrycja Longawa was born in 1988 in Sanok, Poland. In 2012, she obtained the Master of Fine Arts majoring in Art Education with a specialization in painting at the University… Read More »Patrycja Longawa

Ping Xu

Executive Director Associate Professor of Graphic DesignThe University of Texas Rio Grande Valley http://www.pxstudio.us Ping Xu was born and raised in Shanghai. He began his professional career and served as an Art Director, a Creative… Read More »Ping Xu

Arafat Al-Naim

Executive Director Dubai, UAE www.saatchiart.com/arafat Dr. Arafat Al-Naim is a graphic artist, designer, educator, and the moving spirit behind international art and design projects. He holds a BFA, MFA, Ph.D. in graphic arts and MST… Read More »Arafat Al-Naim

Robert Grame

Executive Director Milwaukee, USA http://uwm.edu/arts/directory/grame-robert/ Robert Grame received his Master of Fine Arts from Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. Robert has worked on numerous regional and national design activities that include the following organizations: Keweenaw… Read More »Robert Grame

Robert Hower

VP of Design Education Executive Director Dallas, Texas, USA https://mentis.uta.edu/explore/profile/robert-hower UDA Vice President of Design Education (2016-present) The personal insight through careful consideration of the essence of a design problem to be solved is critical… Read More »Robert Hower

Jennifer McKnight

Executive Director St. Louis, USA http://jenmcknight.com UDA Vice President of Design Ethics (2019) Jennifer McKnight is currently an Associate Professor of Graphic Design at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. Her work is recognized in publications… Read More »Jennifer McKnight

Scott Hutchinson

Executive Director Los Angeles, USA https://www.scotthutchinson.com/ Scott Hutchinson is the Program Director of the Visual Arts at UCLA Extension. Currently, he is organizing TEDx UCLA. Scott works for the design, studio, photography, and art history programs at UCLA Extension,… Read More »Scott Hutchinson

Jorge Brandão Pereira

VP of Design Ethics Executive Director Portugal http://iamjorgepereira.wordpress.com UDA Vice President of Design Ethics (2020-present) Ph.D. University of Porto 2015, MA University of Porto 2007.Lecturer, School of Design, Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, Portugal.Researcher,… Read More »Jorge Brandão Pereira

Yusuf Kes

Executive Director Isparta, Turkey http://yusufkes.com Associate Prof. Yusuf Keş He was born in 1970, in Erdemli city (Turkiye). He studied Graphic Arts and graduated in the departments of Applied Art at the Gazi University in… Read More »Yusuf Kes

Juergen Hefele

VP of Design Practice Executive Director Augsburg, Germany http://www.juergenhefele.com UDA Vice President of Design Practice (2016-present) Jürgen Hefele works as a graphic designer specializing in visual communication and brand identity design. He also teaches at… Read More »Juergen Hefele