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Kaili Ma

Director Korea I am from Xiamen, China. I graduated from the Xiamen University of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Technology. As a postgraduate student, I studied Visual Design at Hanyang University. During… Read More »Kaili Ma

Song Guangtao

Director Korea Song Guangtao is a visual designer, and Ph.D. candidate at Hanyang University, Korea. His poster design works have been selected for many design exhibitions, such as “Ukraine COW DESIGN BIENNALE 2019”, “Pattern Chinese… Read More »Song Guangtao

Yuyan Wang

Director Korea My name is Wang Yuyan. I am a master’s and doctoral student at Hanyang University in South Korea. I have participated in China National Haiya Cultural Creativity Competition, the National Advertising Art &… Read More »Yuyan Wang

Xie Zeyuan

Director Korea I am proud to be a designer, and a design researcher I am a graduate of Innovation and Interaction Design, and I smoothly grasped the design method of interaction design. And I still… Read More »Xie Zeyuan

Liu Jiaye

Director Shandong, China Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in visual communication with a bachelor’s degree, and a member of the Shandong Industrial Design Association. Since 2014, he has successively worked in… Read More »Liu Jiaye

JieQiong Fan

Director Korea Fan Jieqiong, a visual designer, graduated from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 2016 with a B.A. She received her M.A. from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 2019. Currently pursuing… Read More »JieQiong Fan

Huang Xueting

Director Guangzhou, China Huang Xueting’s (M.A.) research interests focus on art and design history, art and design theory, and art and design education. She has held teaching positions, including full-time teaching and research positions in… Read More »Huang Xueting

David Oh

Director Raleigh, USA I am a UX-driven visual designer with twenty years of combined design experience with enterprise and consumer brands. Most recently, I was a part of a cloud-based enterprise SaaS company that serves… Read More »David Oh

Hongning Ma

Director Korea Hongning MA, a visual designer, graduated from the Visual Design Department of Hanyang University in 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Currently studying for a master’s degree in visual design at Hanyang… Read More »Hongning Ma

Zhang Yuhao

Director Korea Yuhao Zhang, a Ph.D. student at Hanyang University, graduated from Chengdu University of Information Technology in 2020 with a degree in Visual Communication Design and is currently enrolled in the Graduate School of… Read More »Zhang Yuhao