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Zhang Qinyan

Director Hunan, China Hello! My name is Zhang Qinyan. I come from Hunan Province, China. I am now studying at Hanyang University, South Korea, as a master’s student. My major is visual design. I have… Read More »Zhang Qinyan

Yao Xupeng

Director Jinan, China Yao Xupeng, Associate Researcher of the Institute of Branding and Communication, Shandong University. Associate Professor of Shandong Yingcai University. Deputy Secretary- General of China Shandong Inter-College Art and Design Education Alliance,… Read More »Yao Xupeng

Xin Kaibin

Director Taiyuan, China KAIBIN XING is a Ph.D. student at Hanyang University, South Korea. Obtained a bachelor’s degree from Tianjin Polytechnic University, China, majoring in visual design. Obtained a master’s degree from Sangmyung University in… Read More »Xin Kaibin

Wenbo Wei

Director Harbin, China As a learner in the field of design, I think design is the most intuitive way to convey beauty and lifestyle. There are many ways to convey emotions and feelings. But visual… Read More »Wenbo Wei

Wang Xin

Director Qingdao, China Wang Xin majored in visual communication design and mainly engaged in Visual Identity System design and other related work. She has worked in well-known brand planning agencies in Nanjing and Qingdao, China.… Read More »Wang Xin

Victoria Squire

Director Plymouth, UK Victoria is an educator, researcher and designer with over 25 years of academic experience. She holds an MA Communication Design degree from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design, London,… Read More »Victoria Squire

Liu ZhengYang

Director Shangdong, China Liu Zhengyang is a visual designer. He graduated from Capital Normal University in China with a master’s degree. During the period of school, I designed the capital Normal University brochure, a campus… Read More »Liu ZhengYang

Lin Bixi

Director Xiangyang, China BIXI LIN is a Ph.D. student at Hanyang University, South Korea. Obtained a bachelor’s degree from Xiangtan University, Hunan, China, majoring in Art Design. During her undergraduate study, she studied ceramic design… Read More »Lin Bixi

Li Qiuwen

Director San Jose, California USA Qiuwen Li is an assistant professor of graphic design in the Department of Art and Art History at Santa Clara University in CA, U.S. She also is the co-founder… Read More »Li Qiuwen