Alan Colvin

Director Minneapolis, USA Alan Colvin has worked within branding and design companies, on the client-side, as an independent consultant, and as a business owner. Working with some of the best creative talents in the… Read More »Alan Colvin

Ryan Russell

Executive Director Pennsylvania, USA Ryan Russell is an Associate Professor of graphic design at Penn State University. He received a BA in Graphic Design from Saint Norbert College in 2004. After working briefly in… Read More »Ryan Russell

YeoHyun Ahn

Director Medison, Wisconsin, USA Yeohyun Ahn is an award-winning typographer, interactive visual designer, and educator. Her works have been featured through Washington Post, PRINT, New York Times Magazine, Letter Arts Review, Creator’s… Read More »YeoHyun Ahn

New Directors 2020

UDA welcomes our new members. They are outstanding designers and educators recommended and honored by the Presidential Board and Executive Directors. We look forward to working together to level-up our organization in the future. They… Read More »New Directors 2020

Hilary Dana Walrod

Director New London, New Hampshire, USA Hilary Dana Walrod is Chair of the Department of Fine + Performing Arts and an Associate Professor of Graphic Design + Digital Media at Colby-Sawyer College in New… Read More »Hilary Dana Walrod

KyungWon Byun

Director Seoul, Korea The design shows the history of the past and presented a way of breathing and communicating with the current generation. Also, It has the power to continue to the future generations. This… Read More »KyungWon Byun

Aleksandra Shishkina

Executive Director Saint Petersburg, Russia My way is never easy but as I walk further, I see that everything that I did had a reason. I want to be known for my designs and… Read More »Aleksandra Shishkina

Daniela Marx

Executive Director New Orleans, USA Daniela Marx is a Full Professor of Graphic Design at Loyola University New Orleans.  She looks to Loyola’s Jesuit mission of social justice to shape Loyola’s design students. In the… Read More »Daniela Marx

JangYong Shon

Director Jeju, Korea A designer and educator in Jeju Island, Korea.

KyungTak Kim

Director Seoul, Korea As a child, I exercised my creativity through drawing and painting, which were the first forms of artistic ability that I discovered within myself. When I turned 16, music became a… Read More »KyungTak Kim