New Directors 2021

UDA welcomes our new members. They are outstanding designers and educators recommended and honored by the Presidential Board and Executive Directors. We look forward to working together to level-up our organization in the future. They… Read More »New Directors 2021

Taekyeom Lee

Director Iowa, USA Taekyeom is an educator, researcher, and multidisciplinary designer using the artist’s material and artistic sensibility. He is currently an Assistant professor of Graphic Design at Iowa State University in Ames, IA.… Read More »Taekyeom Lee

Ruiyu Li

Director Linfen, China With rich experience in both graphic and space design, she is more en­thusiastic about plane composition and colour matching design. Her series of oil painting ‘Lazy’ won the second prize in The… Read More »Ruiyu Li

Jenny El-Shamy

Director Indiana, USA Jenny is a designer and educator with over 20 years of industry and academic experience. Before starting her own graphic design studio, she worked in the publishing industry and at design… Read More »Jenny El-Shamy

Chun Wang

Director Weihai, China I trained part-time art teachers in Primary School Affiliated with the Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication. I serve as a fourth-grade fine arts major teacher. I mainly focus on low-grade theme painting,… Read More »Chun Wang

Astrid Kensinger

Director Education City, Qatar Astrid Kensinger is the Chair of Graphic Design at Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts in Qatar. Originally from San Francisco, most of Astrid’s industry, practice and teaching have… Read More »Astrid Kensinger

Zhaowen Li

Director Korea According to my understanding of design, a good design is based on a full understanding of its meaning. The first step in the design is to consider the intention to be expressed. Only… Read More »Zhaowen Li

Yanshu Wang

Director Korea YANSHU WANG graduated from Wuhan Textile University with a major in advertising. During her university, she won several national visual design awards. Starting from September 2020, she is studying for a postgraduate degree… Read More »Yanshu Wang

Xiao Han

Director Korea XIAO HAN is an excellent Visual Designer. He received a Master’s degree from HongIk University in Seoul, South Korea, and won many outstanding scholarships. He integrated design knowledge during the study and created… Read More »Xiao Han

Hongwei Li

Director Korea My understanding of design is that design is not only to cater to consumers’ needs but to guide them to consume. It is not only to beautify life but, more importantly, to create… Read More »Hongwei Li