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Li Wenxia



LI WENXIA is a Ph.D. student in Visual Communication from Hanyang University. Throughout her prosperous design career, she has thrown herself into several challenging projects that have honed her design skills and deepened her understanding and love for the field. Her expertise covers all aspects of visual communication, focusing on branding and layout design, with in-depth research and extensive practical experience.

She strongly believes combining creativity and research is the key to driving design innovation. Throughout her career, she has been involved in the practical aspects of design projects and academic research, enabling her to build bridges between theory and practice. Her design work focuses on aesthetics, functionality, and user experience, aiming to convey information and emotions effectively through visual communication.

As a designer, she always strives for excellence and innovation. She is passionate about exploring new design methodologies and techniques to continuously improve the quality and impact of her work. She is also an active educator, keen to share her knowledge and experience with young designers to inspire them to realize their potential.

She is looking forward to the future. She plans to continue to work deeply in the field of visual communication, not only to enhance her professional skills but also to contribute more to the industry. Through her work, she hopes to inspire more people to be passionate about the visual arts and promote the continued development and innovation of the field.