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Chen Yingle



CHEN YINGLE is a visual designer and Ph.D. student at Hanyang University, Korea. Majored in Visual Communication Design. Graduated with a master’s degree with honors for Outstanding Graduation Design. Her design works have won many awards in design competitions, such as “Dragon Star Global College Students Green Design Contest”, “Milan Design Week China Design Exhibition”, “National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students” etc. 

And worked at Ogilvy & Mather Beijing. Provided design services for China Tencent. Involved in helping to produce WeChat header banner, splash screen joint casting with graphics, posters, brochures, scripts, layout, long graphics, H5, peripheral materials, and a variety of Tencent-related design, and so on. Also involved in copywriting and creative thinking.

“May I be a blank sheet of paper with infinite possibilities!” She believes that every design creation is an opportunity to redefine oneself. Having infinite possibilities means that every design is a unique story, and every color, shape, and typography explores possibilities. As a designer, it’s essential to keep an open mind and avoid relying on original concepts and stereotypical design patterns. This is a commitment to creativity and innovation and a motivation to pursue unique, novel designs.