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Sheng Yi



SHENG YI  is  28  years old, and he comes from China. He is currently studying for a PhD at Hanyang University School of Design. At the same time, he is a  design enthusiast. He is very interested in communication design and experience design. He wants to communicate and learn more about design with others. He thinks  design is the goal and planning of designers to create and create technically and creatively.’The task of design is not only to serve life and business but also to create art. In fact, design is to serve people. Good design is a combination of functionality and artistry.’He used to say this.

From 2013 to 2017, SHENG YI  studied at the School of Architecture and Art of Central South University of China and studied an undergraduate degree course. And His major was visual communication design.

In December 2015, he attended Coventry University for a two-week professional study. In 2016, it won the third prize of the 8th China University Student Advertising Art Competition. From 2018 to 2021, He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Hunan Normal University. He got his master’s degree.

As a designer and design major learner, he has always kept the habit of learning. In his spare time, he tried to learn from other excellent designers. He believes that design is for people and that designers should communicate and learn more from others because it is essential for designers to understand the needs and ideas of others through communication. In the future, he will study and communicate with more excellent designers. He hopes everyone will like his designs in the future.