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Zhu Qianqian



Zhu Qianqian once worked at Dazhong Daily Client as a new media designer. In the news industry, Zhu Qianqian has demonstrated outstanding professional abilities and is committed to extracting critical points from a large amount of text information and designing and processing it in line with the manuscript. During her tenure, she successfully transformed complex news content into easy-to-understand and reader-engaging visuals, significantly increasing article engagement and readability.

Zhu Qianqian, during her master’s degree study, not only learned professional knowledge in depth but also actively participated in multiple practical projects, which significantly improved her learning and adaptability. She demonstrated her outstanding creative and technical abilities in the invitation design of the “4th Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Ceramics Experimental Works” and “5th Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Ceramics Experimental Works” and also participated in the “Changqing First “Junior Middle School Logo Design” and the layout design work for the 60th-anniversary album of Shandong Art Institute. These experiences honed her design skills and developed her rigorous attitude toward professional courses.

Her design works won gold and silver awards in the Shandong Province “Academy Creative Cup” Advertising Grand Prix in 2017 and 2019, respectively, for her works “Reducing Pollution”, “Shandong Memory,” and “Chinese Culture”. These achievements prove her Exceptional talent in the field of graphic design. In addition, Zhu Qianqian also actively participates in academic activities organized by colleges and schools to continuously expand her knowledge. She is studying for a PhD at Hanyang University and continues to explore and innovate in the design field.

Zhu Qianqian is a passionate and creative designer with a deep understanding and love for the design industry. Continuously improve your professional skills and contribute to the development of the design industry.