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Sun Huiwen



Sun Huiwen, from Dalian, Liaoning Province, China, grew up in a warm family. Pre-university study is mainly about modeling, sketching, and color study. I will use my spare time to study design classes to improve my design aesthetic ability. The understanding of visual design as a major has also changed with the passage of time in college. Bachelor’s degree in visual communication design from the Dalian University of Technology and a graduate degree in visual design from Hebei University of Science and Technology. I am attending a Ph.D. program in visual design at Hanyang University.

Master’s Achievements: During my master’s program, I maintained excellent grades, receiving scholarships for three consecutive years. In my second and third years, I secured the top position academically. My master’s thesis, titled “<Comparative Study of Chen Shaohua and Kamekura Yusaku’s Visual Design from the Perspective of Ethnographic Semiotics>,” presented a research direction for graphic design from the viewpoint of ethnographic semiotics by comparing the design styles of two renowned designers from China and Japan. Throughout my master’s program, I researched various fields centered on visual communication design, including book design, package design, brand design, new media design, illustration, and poster design. 

Professional Awards: I actively participated in design competitions in China and internationally. I received the 3rd prize in the 2020 ‘Rising Stars’ Global Eco-friendly Design Competition for University Students, the 3rd prize in the 2021 CADA Japan Concept Art Design Competition, the 2nd prize in the 2021 9th National High School Digital Arts Design Competition in Hebei Province, and the 3rd prize in the 2021 ICAD International Contemporary Young Art Design Competition. Additionally, I received other awards in various competitions.

Research Contributions: In my research on design theory and applied methods in visual communication design, I delved into numerous publications and documents. This allowed me to develop my own thoughts and understanding of design theory. I have published three academic papers in Chinese and one in English, all included in the Chinese academic journal CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure) database. Two of these have been indexed in core China Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI) publications.

Patents: I hold one design patent and one utility model patent.

Internship Experience: I have three years of experience as a lecturer in design theory at the Art Research Institute in Shandong province.