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Wang Yijie



WANG YIJIE has worked in the college, in teaching, as a lecturing teacher. WANG YIJIE mainly undertook the teaching of landscape design in the college. He also participated in the teaching and design competitions while giving lectures, and accumulated a lot of experience in the working process.
In the work experience, WANG YIJIE undertook the teaching work mainly CAD design, landscape design and other courses. There, I have accumulated a lot of experience in teaching, but I have also clarified my future research direction in practice, hoping to take illustration as my main research direction.
Now as a PhD student at Hanyang University, I have made great progress in both design and thesis in the past year. During this process, I got a deeper understanding of design. I also participated in many UDA activities in terms of papers, and I grew a lot in these activities.
In the constantly changing and advancing changes, the professional knowledge is constantly updated, and the design theory and technology are also constantly updated, which makes con-tinuous learning more urgent. WANG YIJIE has further determined the research direction in this process. Illustration is the field I am interested in, and I hope I will continue to deepen my study and research in the field of illustration in the future.