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Wang Tingxi



Wang Tingxi, who graduated with a degree in Visual Communication Design, has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement during her time at school, winning numerous scholarships, and her academic journey doesn’t just stop in the classroom.

Having served as the secretary of the Chinese Youth League for four years, she demonstrated her leadership skills and gained a wealth of experience in organization and management. Focusing not only on academic development but also on developing the whole person, she has demonstrated her love and insight for creativity and art through her involvement in planning art exhibitions and creating graffiti. Such participation provides her with a rich experience for her personal growth and injects new vitality into the campus culture.

During her internship,  She worked as a material designer for a Chinese state-owned company, where she performed excellently and received several top grades. She demonstrated her professionalism and efficient execution in the real work environment and made positive contributions to the enterprise’s design work. This is also an essential achievement in her professional field.

At the same time, Wang Tingx also served as a campus ambassador for NetEase, a well-known Internet company, through which she demonstrated excellent communication skills and teamwork spirit. She is actively involved in campus publicity and contributes to the company’s image building on campus.

As a contracted photographer, Wang Tingxi’s photographs have been contracted by Visual China. She captures the beautiful moments of life with her unique perspective and excellent photography skills, demonstrating her unique talent in the field of creativity and art.

In addition, she has participated in recording many TV programs, is familiar with visual design in the media field, and has been deeply involved in designing and planning large-scale events for more than 10,000 people. These experiences have enriched her social circle and provided her with more comprehensive skills and teamwork experience.

She has demonstrated a well-rounded visual design student with outstanding academic performance, rich practical experience, and excellent leadership skills. Her outstanding performance in academics, leadership, art, and practice has laid a solid foundation for her future development in the field of visual design.