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Yanshu Wang



YANSHU WANG graduated from Wuhan Textile University with a major in advertising. During her university, she won several national visual design awards. Starting from September 2020, she is studying for a postgraduate degree at the School of Communication Design, Hanyang University, Korea.

She likes to pay attention to social phenomena in her daily life and is good at discovering social problems. Through her study and extracurricular accumulation, she hopes to devote herself to design projects with communication power and influence in the Internet industry to help solve social problems.

Through observing her own life, she found that the number of people keeping pets around has increased significantly in recent years. There are still many defects and deficiencies in the adoption and treatment system of stray pets and the knowledge of pet diseases. So she hopes to design a socially influential internet app that can improve the system and problems from a visual perspective. 

Under Professor Albert Young Choi’s guidance, she learned Gestalt and Semiotic Theory as the research foundation with the Typo-Image method utilizing Deconstruction. She analyzed the communication elements for the epidemic that isolation shows people’s inner anxiety and loneliness during the isolation period to achieve a better art communication effect and arouse people’s attention to the phenomenon. In designing the project, her biggest gain is to learn the research process and design methods, which will motivate her to make more significant progress in her profession in the future.

Finally, I am honored to be able to participate in previous UDA conferences. I am thrilled to communicate and learn from people all over the world. I hope that in the future, I can learn more through UDA and understand the views of teachers and friends from various countries on social issues, to enrich my life and social experience, so I apply to join UDA and make progress with everyone.