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Yao Xupeng

VP of Design Research

Executive Director

Jinan, China

UDA Vice President of Design Research (2024-present)

Yao Xupeng is an associate professor at the Institute of Brand and Communication, Shandong University. Member of China Arts and Crafts Society. Since 2014, I have participated in many academic and design exchanges organized by the San Jose Art City Hall in California, USA, and have served as a talented member of the San Jose US Beacon Artists Association. I have been engaged in visual communication design research for a long time, have designed the brand image for the government and many enterprises, and have led the team in designing papers and electronic journals for some publications. Recent research fields involve the design of Urban Images and Cultural Creativity. By comparing the combination of visual elements of Chinese and foreign urban images, explore the feasibility of constructing the positive and negative poles of the urban image through “topical” visual design elements.