Executive Directors

Ping Xu

Executive Director Associate Professor of Graphic DesignThe University of Texas Rio Grande Valley http://www.pxstudio.us Ping Xu was born and raised in Shanghai. He began his professional career and served as an Art Director, a Creative… Read More »Ping Xu

Robert Grame

Executive Director Milwaukee, USA http://uwm.edu/arts/directory/grame-robert/ Robert Grame received his Master of Fine Arts from Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. Robert has worked on numerous regional and national design activities that include the following organizations: Keweenaw… Read More »Robert Grame

Arafat Al-Naim

Executive Director Dubai, UAE www.saatchiart.com/arafat Dr. Arafat Al-Naim is a graphic artist, designer, educator, and the moving spirit behind international art and design projects. He holds a BFA, MFA, Ph.D. in graphic arts and MST… Read More »Arafat Al-Naim

Robert Hower

VP of Design Education Executive Director Dallas, Texas, USA https://mentis.uta.edu/explore/profile/robert-hower UDA Vice President of Design Education (2016-present) The personal insight through careful consideration of the essence of a design problem to be solved is critical… Read More »Robert Hower

Albert Young Choi

President Emeritus Executive Director Seoul, Korea www.albertyoungchoi.com UDA President (2014-2019)UDA President Emeritus (2020-present)United Designs Chief Director (2004-present) Dr. Albert Young Choi is the founder and President Emeritus of the United Designs Alliance (UDA), an International… Read More »Albert Young Choi