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UDA Webinar 2022 Vol. 1 of 6

Cartographic performance and the re-enactment of intangible heritage as Phenomenological / Embodied Design

Astrid C. Kensinger

Chair: Graphic Design 
Associate Professor | Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar

This talk will introduce a body of work that interweaves graphic design with cartographic performance and intangible heritage. What is underfoot, layered in time is a rich source for site-specific narratives, cultural research, identity, and knowledge transfer. By linking the narratives of place to actual cartographic re-enactments, this talk explores the power of embodiment as a means for knowing space and place, for both the personal creative practice, as well as for pedagogical activations that engage phenomenologically with the historical and theoretical.

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Albert Young Choi
UDA President Emeritus
Hanyang University


Astrid C. Kensinger
Chair: Graphic Design
Associate Professor | Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar

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About Presenter

Astrid Kensinger has pursued her art and design practice internationally, spending much time in Japan, Singapore, Australia, and the USA. She uses her personal practice to inform her multidisciplinary research collaborations. Astrid interweaves information visualization, cartographic performance, and performance art with graphic design to visually articulate site-specific narratives, intangible heritage, contemporary issues, and the map as art. 

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