UDA Annual

UDA Annual 2020

Hope. 2020 has been a year like no other. While the worst pandemic to face our species in a century spread across the globe, communities grappled with fear, containment, response, suffering, decline, and uncertainty. The… Read More »UDA Annual 2020

UDA Annual 2019

Elucidate. Now, global culture unifies humanity utilizing disruptive technology; but sadly, without the soul. As a human being and designer, we have such responsibility to manifest global culture with the soul. Hence, UDA leads to… Read More »UDA Annual 2019

UDA Annual 2018

Change. Make a difference becomes important. We needed to change. The change was good when we realized that changes exist around our presence. Change means to make something different. Differentiating our identity by differentiating our… Read More »UDA Annual 2018