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United Designs Alliance

Jurors 2023

Every year, we invite honorary jurors who are the movers in the design disciplines. As we honor their design knowledge and experience without prejudice, they equally evaluate design competition entries worldwide. UDA honors and thank… Read More »Jurors 2023

SSL 2023

Call for Entry Signs, Systems, and Letterform Marks (SSL) UDA Annual Int’l Design Competition 2023 Submit before Monday, March 20Award Announcement on Monday, April 24 Signs communicate ideas through visual elements. Systems integrate many ideas… Read More »SSL 2023

UDA Annual 2022

Resiliency. The United Designs Alliance messages in the annual publication introductions over the last few years have reflected the international health and political conditions that have impacted our daily lives. As designers, students, and educators,… Read More »UDA Annual 2022

Liu Yixuan

Director Korea Iā€™m Liu Yixuan, from Qingdao, Shandong, China. I graduated from Shanghai Business School, China, with a degree in visual communication design. I am studying for a Master of Visual Communication at Hanyang University… Read More »Liu Yixuan

Song Guangtao

Director Korea Song Guangtao is a visual designer, and Ph.D. candidate at Hanyang University, Korea. His poster design works have been selected for many design exhibitions, such as “Ukraine COW DESIGN BIENNALE 2019”, “Pattern Chinese… Read More »Song Guangtao

Yuyan Wang

Director Korea My name is Wang Yuyan. I am a master’s and doctoral student at Hanyang University in South Korea. I have participated in China National Haiya Cultural Creativity Competition, the National Advertising Art &… Read More »Yuyan Wang