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United Designs Alliance

Poster Design 2024

Call for Entries UDA Annual Int’l Design Competition 2024 Submit before Monday, May 13Award Announcement on Monday, June 24 Posters have been a popular means of visual storytelling for centuries, with narrative stories depicted through… Read More »Poster Design 2024

SSL 2024

Call for Entries Signs, Systems, and Letterform Marks (SSL) UDA Annual Int’l Design Competition 2024 Submit before Monday, March 18Award Announcement on Monday, April 29 Signs, systems, and letterform marks visually express our behaviors, beliefs,… Read More »SSL 2024

Jiang Yujie

Director Korea Jiang Yujie is from Changsha, China. She has worked at NetEase and Yindu Ogilvy Advertising Company, and is studying for a doctorate in design at Hanyang University. She believes that design does not… Read More »Jiang Yujie

Li Wenxia

Director Korea LI WENXIA is a Ph.D. student in Visual Communication from Hanyang University. Throughout her prosperous design career, she has thrown herself into several challenging projects that have honed her design skills and deepened… Read More »Li Wenxia

Sheng Yi

Director Korea SHENG YI  is  28  years old, and he comes from China. He is currently studying for a PhD at Hanyang University School of Design. At the same time, he is a  design enthusiast.… Read More »Sheng Yi

Sun Huiwen

Director Korea Sun Huiwen, from Dalian, Liaoning Province, China, grew up in a warm family. Pre-university study is mainly about modeling, sketching, and color study. I will use my spare time to study design classes… Read More »Sun Huiwen

Tang Xicui

Director Korea My name is Tang Xicui. I’m from Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. My personality is lively and cheerful, and I like communicating with others. I am also good at listening to others’ thoughts. I like… Read More »Tang Xicui