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UDA Medallions

Yiorgos Tsangaris

UDA Medallion 2011 Graphic Designer Nicosia, Cyprus Yiorgos Tsangaris studied graphic arts at the London institute/the London college of printing and animation at the bristol school of animation of the university of the west of… Read More »Yiorgos Tsangaris

Frank+Victor Design

UDA Medallion 2009 Graphic Design Company Austin, Texas, USA Josh Finto and Chris Visit started Frank+Victor Design because they saw a tremendous opportunity to improve the experience of working with a creative agency. Polar opposites… Read More »Frank+Victor Design

Studio AND

UDA Medallion 2009 Graphic Design Company San Francisco, California, USA AND stands for ‘connection’. You AND us. Your idea AND our creation. As a word that can not be used alone, AND creates compelling visual… Read More »Studio AND


UDA Medallion 2009 Graphic Design Company Québec, Canada Subcommunication is a young design studio whose commitment to high standards has made it a respected member of the graphic arts and new media community in Montreal.… Read More »Subcommunication

Todd Gallopo

UDA Medallion 2009 Graphic Designer Los Angeles, California, USA Meat and Potatoes, Inc. is a comprehensive design firm based in Burbank, California. Since 2000, the studio has specialized in print, packaging, and advertising design, with… Read More »Todd Gallopo


UDA Medallion 2009 Production Company Italy Fabrica is an applied creativity laboratory, a talent incubator, a studio of sorts in which young, modern artists come from all over the world to develop innovative projects and… Read More »Fabrica

Tornado Design

UDA Medallion 2005 Graphic DesignerLos Angeles, California, USA Tornado Design opened shop in 1992, founded by creative directors Al Quattrocchi and Jeff Smith, who share more than 40 years of graphic design experience. Our award-winning… Read More »Tornado Design

Hornall Anderson

UDA Medallion 2004 Hornall Anderson Design WorksSeattle, Washington, USA At Hornall Anderson Design Works, we have always had two main goals: first, to give our clients design solutions in tune with their marketing objectives; and… Read More »Hornall Anderson

Bill Cahan

UDA Medallion 2004 Graphic DesignerSan Francisco, California, USA Cahan & Associates was founded in 1984 as a graphic design agency that would be different than others in two main ways: 1) We would work harder… Read More »Bill Cahan