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Sebastian Guerrini

UDA Medallion 2013

Graphic Designer

Barcelona-Buenos Aires

Sebastian Guerrini is a Designer in Visual Communica­tion (Argentina), a graduate in Communication Tech­nologies (Netherlands) and Doctor of Philosophy in Communication and Image Studies at the University of Kent (England). He was born in Argentina, in 1965. His area of specialty is the analysis and design of Insti­tutional and Corporate Communication. He has carried out the image and identity design in Latin America, United States, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, England, Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Rus­sia, Emirates, and China.

He is currently advising the International Co-operative Alliance (London-Geneva), on the development of a brand for the whole Global Cooperative Movement. He has also developed projects for Amnesty Interna­tional, International Federation of Organic Movements, Green Building Council, UNICEF, UNESCO, CLACSO, and the United Nations, among others. In 2008 he won the international competition to design the image of the Organic World Foundation (Bonn, Germany) and in 2009 the competition for the design of the slogan and logo for the Argentine Pavilion in the Frankfurt Book Fair, for which Argentina was host country in 2010.

Author of the graphical version of the Argentine Na­tional Emblem, Sebastian also designed the brand of CONICET, the image of the Museum of Natural Sciences of Argentina, and the visual identity of the nation’s Presi­dency, Ministries and Secretaries of State. Recently, the logo he designed for FIBA (the International Theatre Festival of Buenos Aires) colorfully adorned the streets of Buenos Aires.

He is currently teaching and tutoring students in the Master’s Degree of Design and Communication at Esco la Elisava, and giving seminars at Blanquerna (Barcelona, Spain). Articles about his work were published in Mexico, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Japan, China, Aus­tralia, England, Italy, and Germany. His writings have been published by ICOGRADA and AIGA.