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Kelly Salchow MacArthur

UDA Medallion 2011

Graphic Designer

Michigan, USA

I explore volume as a means to emphasize a message, uniting two-dimensional surface design with a three-dimensional form. Inspired by industrial design and architecture, I have pursued this direction over the past few years. Generally, type and image are actively investigated as opportunities in graphic design, while volume is overlooked as an expressive element.

Tactile, material, and spatial experimentation hold great potential for the maker and the viewer. Hinged surfaces instigate flexible interaction with space, enabling a poster to appear disjointed from a wall, nestle in the corner of a room, or curl in on itself to balance delicately on one point. Within the creative process, such projects ensure awareness of a material’s qualities and structure. When viewing the work, new considerations become very important-such as one’s direction of approach towards the piece, opportunities to tangibly interact, and the reliance on a period of time to fully absorb the elements and messages within
the dimensionality.