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Ryan Doggendorf

UDA Medallion 2013

Graphic Designer

Dog & Dwarf

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Dog & Dwarf is the one-man design studio of Ryan Doggendorf. The work concentrates dually on strengths in design and illustration. Under this moniker design, branding and promotional projects are created for boutique clients on a local and national scale. The overall goal of the studio is to create work that is both creative and purposeful to the clients. Ideal projects are fun and require an internal challenge by doing work for unusual industries, learning through creative experimentation, and strengthening client relationships. The work focuses mainly on branding, identity, packaging, and promotions.

Ryan is also a senior art director at the digital advertising agency Moosylvania. His work is multi-disciplinary involving branding, advertising, interactive, social, and promotional projects that often meld print and digital. He works on national brands and occasionally non-profit projects aiding the local community.