UDA Medallions

Robert Hower

UDA Medallion 2017 Graphic Designer Dallas, Texas, USA The personal insight through careful consideration of the essence of a design problem to be solved is critical to developing meaningful visual solutions. Research, design thinking, and… Read More »Robert Hower

Albert Young Choi

UDA Medallion 2016 Brand Design & Experience Design Seoul, Korea Albert Young Choi is the founder and President Emeritus of the United Designs Alliance (UDA), an International Design Association, and is a professor of Brand… Read More »Albert Young Choi

Ferenc Kiss

UDA Medallion 2016 Graphic Designer Szeged, Hungary Sarkanylatvany (Dragonvision) is my nom de plume since 1996. Currently, I work as a graphic designer at evista agency, and gaphic design art teacher in the university of… Read More »Ferenc Kiss

Ian Lynam

UDA Medallion 2016 Graphic Designer Japan Originally hailing from New York, Lynam has a BS in Graphic Design from Portland State University and an MFA in Graphic Design from CalArts. Ian Lynam is former Co-Chair… Read More »Ian Lynam

Jennifer McKnight

UDA Medallion 2016 Graphic Designer St. Louis, Missouri, USA Jennifer McKnight’s design work has been recognized in print magazine and in several respected international annuals such as :output design annual and golden bee international poster… Read More »Jennifer McKnight

Vlado Franjevic

UDA Medallion 2016 Artist Lichtenstein Vlado Franjevic was educated as a painter at the art school, but in communication with the world, he uses different interdisciplinary art and graphic design tools. He produces video documentation… Read More »Vlado Franjevic

Zhiyong Zhao

UDA Medallion 2016 Graphic Designer Shanghai, China The design must give prominence to the active acupuncture of social issues. Based on the research, visual communication language as the method to solve the problems, and the… Read More »Zhiyong Zhao

Baik, Kumnam

UDA Medallion 2013 Graphic Designer Seoul, Korea Baik, Kum-nam was born in Euijoo, Pyunganbukdo Province in North Korea. During the Korean Civil War, he took refuge in Pusan and spent his youth in Daegu. He… Read More »Baik, Kumnam

Ryan Doggendorf

UDA Medallion 2013 Graphic Designer Dog & Dwarf St. Louis, Missouri, USA Dog & Dwarf is the one-man design studio of Ryan Doggendorf. The work concentrates dually on strengths in design and illustration. Under this… Read More »Ryan Doggendorf