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Zhiyong Zhao


Executive Director

Shanghai, China

UDA President (2024-2025)
UDA Vice President of Design Research (2020-2023)
UDA Senior Vice President of Design Research (2016-2019)

Zhiyong Zhao is an Associate Professor at Fine Arts College at Shanghai Normal University, Dean’s assistant, and Director Head of the Graphic Design Department. Visiting scholar of China University; Design director of Shanghai Sheng Xing Culture and Communication Co., Ltd; Design director of magazine Pudong Culture.

Zhiyong Zhao’s research field consists of Visual Communication Design, Art Anthropology, and Design By Metaphors in the context of visual cultures.

Zhiyong Zhao’s design thesis was published by Decorating, Industrial Engineering, and Management, A Collection of China’s Hundred Designers, and other books and magazines. Zhiyong Zhao has published design works such as logo design, outdoor advertisement design, layout design, etc.