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Xie Zeyuan



I am proud to be a designer, and a design researcher I am a graduate of Innovation and Interaction Design, and I smoothly grasped the design method of interaction design. And I still think I need to sharpen my talents and skills to study service design. That’s the reason why I’m staying at Hanyang University to get my further degree. I excel at conducting user research and analyses. At the moment when she chose to improve OHCA in remote areas as her research focus, she had to conduct field research in person almost every time. Therefore, the weight of research and research is increased. In design research cases, the researcher must avoid subjective judgment and collect real information to create objective user roles and obtain valuable insights.

Design researcher is also fully aware of innovation and design thinking. We need to look at things from a systematic perspective, and also need to take the effectiveness and production of products into consideration. Designers need to be emotional but highly rational, let us continue to explore design thinking and how design thinking can influence designers, and, consequently, social change.