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David Oh

Director Raleigh, USA I am a UX-driven visual designer with twenty years of combined design experience with enterprise and consumer brands. Most recently, I was a part of a cloud-based enterprise SaaS company that serves… Read More »David Oh

Han Yide

Director Korea My name is Han Yide, and I am from Xi β€˜an, Shaanxi Province, China. After graduating with an interior design major from a Chinese university, I wanted to pursue further study, so I… Read More »Han Yide

Hongning Ma

Director Korea Hongning MA, a visual designer, graduated from the Visual Design Department of Hanyang University in 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Currently studying for a master’s degree in visual design at Hanyang… Read More »Hongning Ma

Zhang Yuhao

Director Korea Yuhao Zhang, a Ph.D. student at Hanyang University, graduated from Chengdu University of Information Technology in 2020 with a degree in Visual Communication Design and is currently enrolled in the Graduate School of… Read More »Zhang Yuhao

Yu Xinran

Director Korea My name is Yu Xinran. I am an optimist who likes to meet challenges, learn new knowledge, and explore more possibilities in study or daily life. I am interested in brand design the… Read More »Yu Xinran

Meaghan Dee

Director Blacksburg, USA Meaghan A. Dee is both a practicing graphic designer and a design educator. She is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Creativity, Arts, and… Read More »Meaghan Dee

Zhao An

Director Korea Zhao An is a designer, illustrator, and photographer. He is studying for a Ph.D. in visual design at Hanyang University. Passionate about art and design, he is keen on designing with a focus… Read More »Zhao An

Liu ZhengYang

Director Shangdong, China Liu Zhengyang is a visual designer. He graduated from Capital Normal University in China with a master’s degree. During the period of school, I designed the capital Normal University brochure, a campus… Read More »Liu ZhengYang

Wenbo Wei

Director Harbin, China As a learner in the field of design, I think design is the most intuitive way to convey beauty and lifestyle. There are many ways to convey emotions and feelings. But visual… Read More »Wenbo Wei

Wang Xin

Director Qingdao, China Wang Xin majored in visual communication design and mainly engaged in Visual Identity System design and other related work. She has worked in well-known brand planning agencies in Nanjing and Qingdao, China.… Read More »Wang Xin