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Wang Xin


Qingdao, China

Wang Xin majored in visual communication design and mainly engaged in Visual Identity System design and other related work. She has worked in well-known brand planning agencies in Nanjing and Qingdao, China. And served many famous Chinese enterprises such as Haier, TJOY, Kidswant, PetroChina, Taishan Tobacco, and Alcohol, with many years of work experience.

She has been involved in the communication technology industry, holds the qualification of communication design engineer, and served as a project manager for a provincial design enterprise in China.

She is also involved in education, working as an art teacher at the Southlands International School in the United States. She has held many public art exhibitions and colorful campus activities. And responsible for the design and publication of the school yearbook 、magazine. She also served as the art instructor of the United States Academic Decathlon in China. No matter what her status is, the ability to learn and constantly improve herself is what she has been pursuing. She firmly believes that the world of designers should be focused and colorful, which requires constant experimentation and discovery of new capabilities.