Alan Colvin

Director Minneapolis, USA Alan Colvin has worked within branding and design companies, on the client-side, as an independent consultant, and as a business owner. Working with some of the best creative talents in the… Read More »Alan Colvin

Ryan Russell

Executive Director Pennsylvania, USA Ryan Russell is an Associate Professor of graphic design at Penn State University. He received a BA in Graphic Design from Saint Norbert College in 2004. After working briefly in… Read More »Ryan Russell

YeoHyun Ahn

Director Medison, Wisconsin, USA Yeohyun Ahn is an award-winning typographer, interactive visual designer, and educator. Her works have been featured through Washington Post, PRINT, New York Times Magazine, Letter Arts Review, Creator’s… Read More »YeoHyun Ahn

New Directors 2020

UDA welcomes our new members. They are outstanding designers and educators recommended and honored by the Presidential Board and Executive Directors. We look forward to working together to level-up our organization in the future. They… Read More »New Directors 2020