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4th GVC 2015

Global Visual Culture

4th Design Symposium

12 June 2015 at 17:00

H-Club, HIT
Hanyang University


This seminar studied various design cases based on numerous theories of ‘Aesthetic Marketing.’ As we progressed, we found several approaches were not well suited to design studies, but I suggest this is a part for designers to study. Therefore, through this seminar, the design and the ability of designers must be reconsidered and developed again. I am grateful to the students who followed with enthusiasm during this semester and presented their studies in the 4th Design Symposium, GVC 2015.

by Professor Albert Young Choi

Symposium Moderator

Dr. Albert Young Choi
Professor of Brand Design and Experience Design
Hanyang University ERICA

Keynote Presentation

NeNe Chicken
Hyun, KwonSik
CEO, NeNe Chicken


A Study on the Outdoor Sign Design for the Brand Image Improvement of Tourism Area
Son, JangYong

A Study on the Legal Protection of Trade Dress Based on Lawsuit between Samsung and Apple
Yong, JinJyung

A Study on the factors that affect the technology company’s brand identity to users
Kim, KyungTak

A Study on Analyzing the Space and the Store Concept of HomePlus based on the Retail Apace and the Environment as the Aesthetics Marketing
Baek, JuYong

A Study on the Themes Expressed through the Aesthetics of the Entertainment Companies(YG, SM) in Korea
Lee, WonMok

A Case Study of Cultural Themes through the Marketing of Beer Brands
Lee, ChaeWun

A Study about the Affordance Design, Applied at Clothing Shops Mainly Dealt the Cases of Abercrombie, WHO.A.U and American Apparel
Im, TooKyung

A Study on Analyzing Advertising Campaigns styles of Domestic and Foreign Major Sports Brands
Jung, HaeYong

A Study on Analyzing The Identity Style of MUJI’S Lifestyle Shop
Kang, SunHee

A Study on the Brand Identity Expression Element by the Aesthetic Marketing of Starbucks’s App Design
Kim, HaeRin

A Study on Comparative Analyzing the Traditional Style Tourist Souvenirs and the Contemporary Style Tourist Souvenirs
Jin, YaRyun

Comparative Analysis of the Expressive Theme of LEGO’s Toy Brand
JIn, HyoChun

A Study on utilizing the Basic Identity Factors of the Children’s institute Brand
Park, MiHyun

A Study of space design for the Korean franchise brand
Park, HaeYong

A Case Study on the Theme Selection of the Brand According to Environmental-friendly Trend
Lee, SangEue

A Study on Analysis Brand Apartment Identity with Aesthetic Space Utilization
Lee, KangHee