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Song Guangtao



Song Guangtao is a visual designer, and Ph.D. candidate at Hanyang University, Korea. His poster design works have been selected for many design exhibitions, such as “Ukraine COW DESIGN BIENNALE 2019”, “Pattern Chinese Design Exhibition (The Holland Station),” “13th Design City Public Service Advertising Competition (Shenzhen, China)” design exhibition in 2019 and In 2020, “Mexico ESCUCHA MI VOZ International Poster Design Competition,” “Taiwan Global Anti-Virus Graphic Design Exhibition,” “2th Paper Beauties Orient “Li Paper” Pattern Desing International Competition “ZHIMEIDONGFANG FENGYALIYUN” Special Exhibition” design exhibition, etc.

Song Guangtao believes that the current design is a high degree of integration of science, art, culture, and economy. Modern designers should not only work hard in design practice, but also have comprehensive academic accomplishments in professional theory, and develop simultaneously in design ability and professional theory. At the same time, modern design is a creative intellectual activity and a highly interdisciplinary comprehensive discipline. The completion of a design project often requires the mobilization of various wisdom and skills. Therefore, group collaboration is an effective way to create designs.