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Ruiyu Li


Linfen, China

With rich experience in both graphic and space design, she is more en­thusiastic about plane composition and colour matching design. Her series of oil painting ‘Lazy’ won the second prize in The Exhibition of Art and Design in Chinese Universities. She believes that the base of design is the accumulation of art culture while the end of it is developing art culture and continuing the achievements of human civilization so as to serve mental world of human finally.

In her postgraduate design works, she designed a new media shadow art exhibition hall combining advanced technology in today’s scientific and technological era and historical elements after researching current situations of Chinese intangible cultural heritage and studying perfor­mance characteristics of art shadow. She attempts to combine history and modern elements in order to make better design works for the con­tinue art and cultural achievements of human beings.

She focuses on new ideas and trends in the development of graphic de­sign in the era of new media. How can people do to efficiently utilize today’s scientific and technological means to innovate ways of infor­mation reception in visual design? How would artists work to energize and innovate multi-sensory experiences like the vision and touch of human beings when receiving information? That is what she is interested in. Showing ancient cultures by new technologies is also her interest in future research. She hopes to make her own efforts to better inherit hu­man civilization and artistic achievements. As a designer, she attempts to better develop crucial insight into the art world in order to change future lifestyles. Now people pay more attention to life quality, but she disagrees considering functions only in design. What she prefers is advancing art and spirit elements at the base of meeting basic living needs in normal life. The human-oriented idea is an important cultural element in the design. The user-friendly art design is what she likes to try for a more comfortable, beautiful, and cultural living environment and working space.