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Hongwei Li



My understanding of design is that design is not only to cater to consumers’ needs but to guide them to consume. It is not only to beautify life but, more importantly, to create a lifestyle. It is not so much as designing a product, but as designing—a way of life. I think a good design must first be attractive, and it will bring pleasure and sensory stimulation, whether it is from sight, taste, hearing, smell, touch, feeling, anyone or several aspects can get a new pleasant feeling. It can be considered a good design.

The purpose of design is to meet people’s needs, and research design is to study people’s needs and transform the needs into products. Design is not art, so the design cannot be created based solely on the designer’s likes and dislikes and cannot be created as an artist does. A good designer must have keen insight into fashion trends, a strong observation ability to the audience’s acceptance, a strong understanding of the design object’s needs, and apply his feelings to the design.

I think the design process is 1. Find and clarify problems essence; the design is a process of problem-solving. 2. Develop a design plan. Based on discovering problems and defining requirements, the next thing to do is to collect as much information as possible for the design through various channels, and through the induction and analysis of different information by mining the main factors affecting the design, experimenting with multiple design ideas, and screen numerous ideas based on certain conditions to determine the final design plan. 3. Make a model or prototype. After completing the program screening, it is necessary to start making models or prototypes. 4. Testing, evaluation, and optimization To determine whether the design plan is feasible, we must also conduct various tests and assessments to optimize the design plan and perfect the
product prototype. 

Finally, I am honored to have participated in UDA event conferences before, and I am delighted to learn relevant knowledge with people from all over the world. I hope to learn more knowledge and enrich my life experience in the future, so I apply to join UDA, hoping to have such an opportunity.