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UDA Webinar 2024 Vol. 3 of 6

Generative AI in the Production of Metaverse Digital Twins

Jeff Price

Director and PI of the University of Texas at Dallas VAST VR Lab

Tuesday, April 30, 2024, 8:00 am PST, USA

The rapid development of generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is profoundly influencing the construction and functionality of digital twins within the metaverse framework. This webinar explores the innovative application of generative AI models in the creation and management of these virtual replicas, which are designed to mirror real-world entities and environments for various purposes, including simulation, training, and entertainment.

We begin by defining the concept of digital twins and the metaverse, elucidating their roles and the symbiosis between the two in modern technological contexts. We then delve into the core of generative AI technologies, such as neural networks, machine learning, and procedural generation, highlighting their capabilities in dynamically generating realistic, interactive environments and objects that are virtually indistinguishable from their physical counterparts.

The discussion extends to case studies where generative AI has facilitated the automated production of intricate virtual worlds without extensive manual input, significantly reducing development time and resource expenditure. We also address the challenges faced, including the ethical implications of AI-generated content, data privacy concerns, and the potential for creating deepfakes.

Furthermore, we examine the future possibilities and limitations of integrating generative AI with digital twin technology in the metaverse. The potential for these technologies to revolutionize industries such as urban planning, healthcare, and education by providing safe, scalable, and highly adaptable virtual environments is also explored.

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Sarah Meyer
UDA Vice President
Program Coordinator of Visual Communication Design at California State Polytechnic University Pomona


Jeff Price
Director and PI of the University of Texas at Dallas VAST VR Lab

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About Presenter

Jeff Price received his B.F.A. in Graphic Design from the University of Oklahoma and an M.F.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University. Jeff has an extensive background in game design, animation, virtual and augmented reality, electronic media, interactive communications, and graphic design. He is the Director and PI of the University of Texas at Dallas VAST VR Lab.
Now teaching Video Game Design at UTD, Jeff draws from 35+ years of experience as a gaming and animation professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, Sam Houston State University, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma Christian University, and Oklahoma City University, as well as his ownership of Price Creative Group and RelevantVR.
At both Oklahoma Christian University and Oklahoma City University, Jeff has built programs recognized by the Princeton Review as the nation’s 50 Top Game Design schools. He was also awarded “Teacher Service of the Year” at Oklahoma Christian University.
Jeff’s students have gone on to work at studios such as Dreamworks, Sony Imageworks, Digital Domain, EA/Respawn, ID Software, Imaginary Forces, Magnet Interactive, Organic, Blur, Midway Games, and Big Idea.

In keeping with the UDA mission of celebrating global awareness and providing educational and professional opportunities in communication design, UDA offers webinars, one of many activities to develop our design awareness in society and culture.