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UDA Webinar 2019 Vol. 5 of 7

Celebrating Women in Graphic Design

Jennifer McKnight

Tuesday, October 15 at 10:00 am EST

Women in Graphic Design have long made interesting work, but many early careers in the field have gone unrecorded. We will discuss the careers of a few familiar female pioneers as well as some unsung heroes, both historical and contemporary, and the cutting edge work they produced in the world of graphic design.

In 1930, Beatrice Warde wrote her essay entitled “The Crystal Goblet.” The essay was first delivered as a speech, called “Printing Should Be Invisible,” given to the British Typographers’ Guild at the St Bride Institute in London, on October 7, 1930. This short essay shaped how people think of classical typography to this day. April Greiman was famous for her revolutionary work for Design Quarterly for the Walker Art Center in 1986. Today, Paula Scher continues to break ground with her work for Pentagram. Cher straddles the line between pop culture and fine art in her work. See slides and hear stories of some pioneering women of graphic design, and you are invited to share your own remarkable stories.

Webinar Contents

Welcoming by Mediator
Albert Young Choi

UDA President
Professor of Hanyang University ERICA, Korea

Presentation by
Jennifer McKnight
UDA VP of Design Ethics
Associate Professor of Graphic Design
University of Missouri St. Louis, USA

Response and Discussion
with all attendees

Final Remark by Mediator

In keeping with the UDA mission of celebrating global awareness and providing both educational and professional opportunities in communication design, UDA offers webinars. These events are one of many activities as we continue to develop our organizational identity.