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Robert Hower

UDA Medallion 2017

Graphic Designer

Dallas, Texas, USA

The personal insight through careful consideration of the essence of a design problem to be solved is critical to developing meaningful visual solutions. Research, design thinking, and the personal methodology of problem-solving I utilize are constantly assessed to address its viability and effectiveness.

My hope is to always find the solution that reaches the essential core and purpose and also employs simplicity in the final form. A quote by Charles and Ray Eames… “The details are not the details. They make the design”, has encouraged me to understand the macro and the micro of what I attempt to develop as an artist and designer.

As I experience design and art created by colleagues around the world, it is clear that we are unique individuals who have rich pasts that inform our art and design solutions. Visual Communication Design is a language that helps us connect with the international community. As someone fortunate to be immersed in the creative arts, I hope to contribute to the advancement of ideas and the positive nature of our world.

Select presentations and exhibitions:
• Central Academy of Fine Arts, presentation of creative work and participation in a cross-connections design exhibition, Beijing, China (2012)
• Design Fusion, Trier University of Applied Sciences – Hochschule Trier, conference presentation/workshop, Trier, Germany (2006)
• The University of Dundee, Jordanstown School of Art, design presentation, Dundee, Scotland (2006/2000)
• Glasgow School of Art, presentation and exhibition, Glasgow, Scotland (2000)
• Norwich School of Art and Design (now Norwich University of the Arts), visiting artist, Norwich, UK (2000)
• British Museum. Imaging the past with computer graphics conference presentation, London, UK (1997)
• Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang, China (1999)