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Jorge Brandão Pereira

UDA Medallion 2016

Graphic Designer

Porto, Portugal

Jorge is a Professor at the School of Design of the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, Portugal, and researcher at Unexpected Media group of ID+ Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture, Portugal. He holds a PhD in Digital Media from the University of Porto, 2015, with the thesis: “The Contribution of Communication Design as a Strategic Constituent for the Development of Organizations – the Input of Digital Media”, under the UT Austin-Portugal program. B.A. in Communication Design(2002), and MA in Multimedia Art (2007), Fine Arts Faculty, University of Porto.

He has co-organized and participated in conferences about design, communication and visual culture, and national and international workshops. Develops its research and praxis discussing design, communication, participatory digital media, local cultures and creativity. Jorge is a Regional Director for Portugal of the United Designs Alliance.