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Idea Design 2020 Awards

Award Announcement

UDA Annual Int’l Design Competition 2020

Designers are also Makers. You can explore materials and processes to find an appropriate solution for the purpose. All goods and services are there to renovate to be better, easier, and needed. Look around, and you surely can find things that require design renovation. Let’s find appropriate solutions!

Winners: Students
GrandTire selection for usersChoi Jin-GukHanyang UniversityAlbert Young ChoiKorea
GoldSightseeing Private CarZhang Aijia Shandong UniversityYao XupengChina
SilverŽiWhat?!Andrea KováčováTechnical University Košicedoc. Mgr. art. Andrej Haščák, ArtD.Slovakia
BronzeQingPu logoJing ZhangShanghai Normal UniversityZhi Yong ZhaoChina
BronzeDress my book in new clothesJisong GuoShandong Yingcai UniversityXupeng YaoChina
BronzeQingPu logoYijie WangShanghai Normal UniversityZhi Yong ZhaoChina

Copyright: All matters regarding the copyright of the Entry will be the responsibility of the entrant. All designs will become the Collection of United Designs Alliance. The United Designs Alliance reserves the right to use all information provided by the entrants, as well as the right to publish, exhibit or reproduce all designs entered for the competition