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Hamagami / Carroll, Inc.

UDA Medallion 2005

Graphic Designer
Los Angeles, California, USA

Founded in 1989, Hamagami/Carroll, Inc. is a strategically driven graphic design firm that builds visual systems for market leaders who understand the power of the image. We call our approach visual mechanics: a deep understanding of design and business and how each piece of designed communications shapes the big picture of the brand. And our staff of over forty designers, artists, and managers understands the crucial importance of product differentiation across all communications platforms and applications. 

Our mission is to work in true partnership with our clients, using our expertise in communication design to help build valueミwithin their company, in their relationships with their customers, and in their communications to the public. To accomplish this partnership, Hamagami/Carroll delivers a level of commitment and a sense of ownership that begins with our senior management and principals and extends through anyone who touches our clients’ work. 

For each client relationship, we build a dedicated team to ensure consistency of brand voice and understanding. We listen carefully, respond clearly, and work from a foundation of technical mastery and practical insight. The team is lead by Creative Director, Strategist (if applicable), Project Manager, and Lead Designer. These players remain consistent throughout the relationship; other specialists from within our ranks, such as designers, writers, strategists, and production specialists, are added to the team as needed for each specific task. This structure ensures consistent creative and strategic direction and takes full advantage of the accumulation of our knowledge of our clients’ company and brands.