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Ferenc Kiss

UDA Medallion 2016

Graphic Designer

Szeged, Hungary

Sarkanylatvany (Dragonvision) is my nom de plume since 1996. Currently, I work as a graphic designer at evista agency, and gaphic design art teacher in the university of szeged.
My own design philosophy is the philosophy itself: the constant re-starter, the explorer, contemplating human being. I am a series- and structure creator, developer, searching for formative, unique inner cohesion. The two main design areas where these can be most purely noticed are: identity and poster design.
A structure row embedded in a series, it is model situation (e. G.: An operation managing visual elements as a group containing intellectual output. It is an operation row is causing visual output, or may work as a sharper and thicker creating method, than an artistic model visualizing sole completeness at all costs.