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Albert Young Choi

UDA Medallion 2016

Brand Design & Experience Design

Seoul, Korea

Albert Young Choi is the founder and President Emeritus of the United Designs Alliance (UDA), an International Design Association, and is a professor of Brand Design (BD) and Experience Design (XD) at Hanyang University ERICA campus (HYU ERICA). He served as Associate Vice-President of the HYU ERICA Office of International Affairs (OIA) and Dean of the International Institute of Education (IIE). He has carried out various design projects for local, national, and global consumers in the United States, Korea, and China to achieve successful results. He is also the author of “Brand Design: Communication Design for Branding” and “Culture Code Brand Design Methodology (CCBD). He completed a National Research Project, ‘National Standard Street Name Sign and Building Number Sign System,’ in conjunction with the New National Address System. Also, Albert is the author of “Hangeul-Gak,” exploring the beauty and utilization of Hangeul through his design style, collection, and experimental typography. He designs original typefaces and uses them for various innovation design projects. Leading international design organizations recognize his achievements in analyzing and studying visual language and culture through collaborating design and strategy, and the US Library of Congress preserves his designs as permanent collections.

His designs capture the spirit of the people and the environment. The focus of his research Is about developing sustainable National Standard Designs that coexist with people and interacts with its environment. He interpreted the aesthetic value of Korea as the harmony between the beauty of the curved line and the honesty of the straight line. Hence, the primary form of Street Name Signs and Building Number Signs contains the expression of Korea by emphasizing traditional soft curves and the straight shape of the typeface. Its bipolar harmony between yin and yang of Korea differentiates its design from the designs in the world and helps to strengthen the national brand image.