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5th GVC 2017

Global Visual Culture

5th International Design Symposium

September 13, 2017 at 14:00

Media Room
Liechtenstein National Museum


“The visuals distinguish culture from the cultures.”

Albert Young Choi
President of United Designs Alliance

We are connected as human beings in many different ways, but the essential connection among people is communication-based visuals. Over our human history, we have created visuals to share the similarity and to differentiate the dissimilarity. Those historical artifacts become cultural icons for the particular culture, nation, and race. We, as humans, have created visuals to decorate these artifacts; these artifacts are the visuals. Even in today’s complicated network of people, critical communication never will change the visuals that we understand. The Global Visual Culture Symposium (GVC Symposium) gathers educators, practitioners, researchers, thinkers, and students in the visual communication design disciplines. We share our thoughts and find our communication for our generation and beyond.

The 5th GCV Symposium at the Liechtenstein National Museum is a significant event for both the regional culture and the global culture that we will share our thoughts without barriers. With this opportunity, I thank Dr. Rainer Vollkommer for making this event possible. He directed the Museum to meet the international standard for this event. I thank Mr. Vlado Franjevis for giving his best efforts to sustain the UDA as an outstanding director. I thank our presenters, Dr. Arafat Al-Naim, Ferenc Kiss, Juergen Hefele, Lee Baumgarten, and Thomas Schauffert, for sharing their intellectual knowledge and experiences. Lastly, I thank our UDA members and supporters for participating and cheering our events with their kind understanding.

UDA will continue to define our culture and visuals. Furthermore, our artists and designers will realize our responsibility as the makers of visuals and as the recorders of the present time. The GVC Symposium will continue our journey together.

Symposium Moderator

Vlado Franjevic
Liechtenstein National Museum


Dynamic Brand Identity
Dr. Arafat Al-Naim
American University in the Emirates
Dubai, AUE

Playing Matters: A personal take on undergraduate design education
Juergen Hefele
Augsburg University of Applied Sciences
Augsburg, Germany

The Structure as a Series Operation
Ferenc Kiss
A director of the United Designs Alliance

Democratic Design
Lee Baumgarten

The Power of Sound: Unite the humans of the world for love & peace
Thomas Schauffert
Thomas Schauffert World Music

Culture Made by Design
Dr. Albert Young Choi
Hanyang University ERICA