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2nd United Designs 2005


An International Design Exhibition

Main Gallery
College of Design
Hanyang University ERICA
Ansan, Korea

Chief Director: Albert Young Choi

Although many publications are dealing with design practice or design pedagogy, this book United Designs: Graphic Design Practice and Education comprehends all about design practice and design pedagogy together. Design practitioners believe that design education is not up-to-date for practical design, and design educators think that design practice needs to be improved fittingly to the present status of the society. Some even may say there is a huge gap between education and practice. From generation to generation, technology and society are changing rapidly, and we find that we need to reduce the gap between generations. As I know, many design professionals and design educators are working very hard to build bridges over the gap; at least I believe that all participants in this book are doing the job. Hence, this book aims to build a bridge between the design profession and design education. The contents of this book will inspire designers and educators according to their own needs. Also, the information in this book is useful for those who are researching graphic design education and the style in the 21st century.

Therefore you’ll find two sections in this book: graphic design practice and graphic design education.

The first section, the Articles, is about graphic design education, in which you can find many critical design articles by design educators and design practitioners throughout the world. The designers come from somewhere, say, design schools like an infant comes from the mother’s womb. Some of these articles demonstrate design methodology that can help shape future designers to the real world. Moreover, some articles help us realize our existence in the design profession, society, and culture.

The second section of the book shows a collection of practical designs and experimental designs from 17 nations. The works in this section are from the United Designs, the 2nd Biannual International Design Exhibition, which was held from June 20 to July 1, 2005, at the Main Gallery of Hanyang University, Korea. This exhibition was organized by the Center for Design Research & Education (CDRE) of Hanyang University and sponsored by ICOGRADA. The theme of the show connotes the idea that designers cannot separate experimental design from practical design or vice versa and that designers always strive for the best idea and eventually find the best tangible solution and final design result.

In this book, a total of 68 participants from 17 nations exhibited 68 individual design works; the special invitation section includes two prolific graphic design companies, and the article section includes 13 critical writings on graphic design education by the graphic design educators. These valuable works, both designs, and articles show their dedication and responsibility in graphic design practice and education. I hope that this book is helpful to designers, educators, and especially future graphic designer

Introduction by Albert Young Choi

Participants: 59 Participants and 2 Design Companies from 16 nations, and 13 Articles from 16 professors from 15 Universities

United Designs: Graphic Design Practice & Education
by Albert Young Choi
Masthead Publisher, Seoul
Copyright © 2005 by Albert Young Choi
Copyright © 2005 by Masthead Publisher
ISBN: 89-954486-2-8 (06650)
First Edition Printed: August 10, 2005
First Edition Published: August 26, 2005