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1st United Designs 2004

An International Design Exhibition


Ansan, Korea

Main Gallery
College of Design
Hanyang University ERICA
Ansan, Korea

Welcome to the first United Designs exhibition, a celebration of international awareness between education and profession in graphic design. The new preference for design participation had been changed with technology and profession, but always the message remains a prominent force in the way we solve the problem. For designers, the design problem is bounded by restrictions such as clients and budget constraints, but always we strive to explore new visual expressions that can communicate the intent of the message. In this exhibition, we discover unique approaches in the preference for the design expressions by designers from the world. Simply, we do not look at restrictions as a barrier for creativity but it is an opportunity for bringing creativity to the intelligent level. This exhibit is a tribute to all the participants of the United Design exhibition.

Introduction by Albert Young Choi

Chief Director: Albert Young Choi

Participants: 46 Participants and 4 Design Companies from 6 Nations