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Zhaowen Li



According to my understanding of design, a good design is based on a full understanding of its meaning. The first step in the design is to consider the intention to be expressed. Only in this way can we continue to the second step, using elements closely related to the theme for arrangement and combination. In this process, we will consider the aesthetics, simplicity, and intuitiveness of the design and the overall balance. The first thing a design must stand out is its theme. It would be best if you made the people who read it understand what you want to convey in the shortest time.

I try to use different artistic elements and objects to make the works express different meanings. For example, combining other words, colors, and pictures can give new meaning to work. Although graphic design requires time and effort, everything is worth it when you see the created work. Whether it is to participate in the design company’s practice or to participate in the course study, we all explore the profession of graphic design from different angles. Graphic design gives me the feeling that there are many beautiful things globally, and I only need to calm down and observe to get a steady stream of inspiration. I think the life of a designer is full of challenges and fun. As long as we have imagination and invest time and energy, we can do a good job.

Finally, I am honored to be able to participate in the last UDA event meeting. I am pleased to learn relevant knowledge with people from all over the world. I hope to learn more knowledge and enrich my life experience in the future, so I apply to join UDA and hope to have such an opportunity.