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Yuyan Wang



My name is Wang Yuyan. I am a master’s and doctoral student at Hanyang University in South Korea. I have participated in China National Haiya Cultural Creativity Competition, the National Advertising Art & Design Competition For College Students, and Chinese Academy Award Awards, The Times Young Creative Awards, and other competitions. Although he did not win the grand prize, he learned much from the process and improved his practical ability.

I think design is not for me but for everyone. This is my philosophy as a designer. Art comes from life, and life can realize art. The breath of art is everywhere in life. From small colors to large spaces, it can be regarded as the embodiment of art. Through observation in life and communication between people, we further understand what communication design is. Therefore, we want to make good designs and provide better life services for people. And I know that the road to becoming a real designer will be very difficult, but I will not lose my passion for design and original intention. I will overcome the difficulties and run hard until I realize my dream. Designing for everyone’s happiness is the first step to becoming a designer. How to apply it in life, how to get people’s recognition and use, is a more important topic for me.