YeoHyun Ahn


Medison, Wisconsin, USA

Yeohyun Ahn is an award-winning typographer, interactive visual designer, and educator. Her works have been featured through Washington Post, PRINT, New York Times Magazine, Letter Arts Review, Creator’s Project,, etc. Her works have been published in the books, Graphic Design: The Basics, Type on Screen, and Data-Driven Graphic Design. She worked as a freelance graphic artist in the New York Times Magazine. She taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago State University, and Valparaiso University. Now she is an Assistant Professor in the Art department at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Having immigrated last two decades as a designer in America brings her to be aware of social inequity, discrimination, and marginality. Currently, she explores generative selfie series for social homelessness being isolated and marginal in professional areas of American society.