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Xiao Han



XIAO HAN is an excellent Visual Designer. He received a Master’s degree from HongIk University in Seoul, South Korea, and won many outstanding scholarships. He integrated design knowledge during the study and created many excellent design works.

His style of work gives imagination while being too concise. Pursue the meaning of the design itself and pay attention to the function of the visual elements. The results focus on expressing personal ideas and pursue the freedom of artistic design works.

The design point of view is that design works should focus on short-term reactions and long-term ideals. Whether it is designing the right product, organizing design concepts, and thinking about the essence of design, designers need to be exquisite in their design work. Simultaneously, emotions are mixed in the design, and the audience’s feelings and feedback are essential.

He has completed internships in many large listed companies in China and participated in project research and implementation. And get the recognition of the design ability from the person in charge of the company and colleagues.